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Certified Extra Virgin. Cold Pressed. Unfiltered.

WELCOME: to the San Paulo Olive Farm, located on the Central Coast of California. Grown on our small estate farm in Atascadero, our certified extra virgin olive oil is artisan crafted from a Tuscan blend of Leccino and Frantoio varietals.  The ideal growing conditions here on the Central Coast means that the finished product is a fresh-tasting olive oil with a peppery finish. We are an award-winning micro producer with sustainable farming practices. Our attentive care for our orchard promotes great olives and high quality oil.

At the San Paulo Olive Farm, we are committed to bringing you the finest extra virgin olive oil, certified by the California Olive Oil Council.

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Our fresh 2016 olive oil harvest today!  SHOP


Vinegar. Handcrafted. Small Batch.

O U R   N E W    R A N G E   O F   V I N E G A R S
Handcrafted and made in small batches on the Central Coast of
California. We invite you to sample our latest flavors:

Champagne Zest
A delicious vinegar that adds juicy citrus flavors to seafood, seasonal
vegetables, salads and fruits.

Raspberry Basil
A beautiful vinegar that jazzes up salads with distinct flavors. Use
as a chicken marinade or as a slow reduction over Brie cheese.

Blackberry Oregano Balsamic
Savor this complex, rich and sweet dark fruit flavor balsamic
vinegar. Enjoy on fruits, vegetables and meat dishes.

San Paulo Fig
A fine balsamic fig vinegar that blends both fig and grapes for a
decadent dressing. A traditional sweet fig that can be used
on your favorite salads.