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Fresh. Handpicked. Tuscan Blend.

OUR OIL: We handpick our olives every year in late November at our family-owned orchard. Our crop is promptly milled into an amber liquid that we allow to rest for four months until bottling. This cold-pressed, unfiltered process ensures that our oil is of the highest quality and freshness.

HARVEST: Our early to mid-season harvest usually occurs in late November. This earlier harvest yields a fresh, grassy-tasting oil with a peppery finish. We handpick and deliver the entire crop to the mill on the same day. The unfiltered oil is allowed to rest in a temperature-controlled environment for about four months prior to bottling. We bottle on an as-needed basis for the best tasting oil.

To preserve the oil, it is distributed and sold in dark, UV-protected bottles. The oil produced from olives grown at the San Paulo Olive Farm is ultra low in fatty acids, very low in peroxides, and high in polyphenols. All for your good health.

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